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Re: O/T: Does anyone know of a weekly TV guide magazine available in large print?

On 1/5/2015 Kachina624 said:
On 1/5/2015 house_cat said:
On 1/5/2015 Kachina624 said: Your state has an agency funded to serve the blind. Check the government pages of your phone book and give them a call. They have some amazing services for the visually impaired.

Thank you. I'll look into it. My dad is computer savvy at 91, but he's nearly blind from macular degeneration. Mom has dementia, so she can't help out. He wants a t.v. guide like he used to get in the "old days", but it's not that simple.

My parents were both legally blind with macular degeneration. Dad had a reading machine which was a magnifier which projected text onto a special 32" TV screen. He was able to read directions and write checks using this thing but it would drive you nuts trying to read a book or newspaper. He could have read something like a TV schedule. Our Commission for the Blind has many audio books and machines that can be borrowed for free. Neither of my parents, especially mom, could see the TV much. They said it was so dark.

Yes. They have the same complaints. My dad was a voracious reader all his life. We bought him a tablet, so that he can adjust the font size, but he's not happy with that. I download books to an iPod and he enjoys listening to those. Most of those I can download free from our library, but I'll look into other resources for the blind. We went to see a doctor who specializes in devices for the vision impaired. We purchased an electronic magnifier, similar to a big iPhone. It helps him to read labels and some other small things, but it's awkward. As you know, macular degeneration is unique in that his peripheral vision is functional, but he can't see straight ahead. We've changed the font and contrasts on his computer screen, but it's still very difficult for him.

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