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The dehydration is not a feature but is something extra you have to buy. It's a rack insert. Ninja's website sells this rack for I think $29.



I think you're right. When you look on the Ninja site, it shows this add-on working with all of the Foodis. So what you don't get is the dedicated button.


OTOH, QVC is adding to the confusion when, in answer to a question on the listing page, it says, "We would like to inform you that this Ninja® Foodi™ 6.5-qt 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker w/ TenderCrisp™ Technology does not have the Dehydrate function." That was from the CS Team, not a Ninja specialist.


I'm sure buyers who'd like to throw out their freestanding dehydrators would like a firm answer.




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It says on the Ninja website that the dehydrator rack can be used in any Foodi model, regardless of size. The dehydration process is controlled by the regular temperature setting on the Foodi...there's no dedicated button or program for it.Smiley Happy

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Re: Ninja Foodi

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David answered my question about the Ninja Foodi and said "it's coming".


Hope sunday.


Could be they're just presenting the black/grey ones Sunday and saving the colored ones later on.