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Yes, that's what I need, a toaster I can control with my voice from the couch.  

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I think it would go well with the $400+ Dyson blow dryer.

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The Williams-Sonoma reviews were very hot or cold.  If you get one that doesn't have any glitches you would probably love it.  It seems to be manufactured with some tempermental issues but TPTB are eager to make sure the owner knows how to operate it correctly or replace it.  The main complaint was about burning frozen waffles.  Many buyers were very happy with it. 


A lot of toasters are expensive these days.  I thought I was stretching it when I bought a high end Breville about 10 years ago.  It's still going strong.  It had complaining purchasers at the time, too. 

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@Kachina624Hee hee, I hope one of your gift 8 is for me!

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Re: New Toaster Coming

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Several years ago my ex boyfriend purchase a refrigerator for his home that basically went to the moon and back. He paid a ridiculous amount of money for it. The motherboard went out in 2 1/2 years, and it would have been extremely expensive to replace. He ended up having to purchase a new refrigerator.


We use to have this saying at my old job. Keep it simple stupid. 



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Re: New Toaster Coming

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I'll be in church or be involved with men coming to hang my new xmas present (TV), but, I'll watch on 'items recently on' later.   Just like to see new stuff.


Hope he has stuff that's true kitchen stuff and not food and garage and macho stuff. Computers, etc.


Enough !

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I think it's on right now.  I believe the price is $239.  It's got a screen and all sorts of bells and whistles.  All I want is a toaster that works.  I think I can find one for a ton less.

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I don't even own a toaster.  I toast my bread and bagels in my air fryer.  Comes out beautifully.

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