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I have a wonderful Kuerig but the price for new pods are insane. Besides that, I don't feel there are enough flavored pods that taste good. I'm looking to add a new coffee maker specifically for brewing a pot that stays warm and will produce good tasting coffee. Does anyone have a suggestion for a coffee maker that produces 10+ cups? Thank you! 

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Honestly, those old fashioned percolators make the best coffee to me. I get fresh beans from a local roaster. 

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We have a Cuisinart and I love it.  It has a cone shaped coffee holder and I think it brews a much better tasting coffee.  We had a Mr Coffee before.


The warming base has a low, medium, and high setting so the coffe can stay hotter if you prefer a hotter cup.

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We like the Cuisinart Brew Central we have bought at Costco for the last 10 or 12 years. It makes 14 C but usually just make half a pot.

We keep a new one as backup. It's $69 at Costco.

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I have a Mr. Coffee drip style and I bought a special insulated stainless carafe for it. The insulated carafe keeps the coffee fresh tasting longer and the lid on it is air tight so the coffee doesn't evaporate, lose flavor or get all funky tasting.

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I have an older drip coffee maker that makes great coffee. It's a Braun and I don't think they make them anymore. I only use Dunkin Donuts original blend coffee. 

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I've had cheap ones and pricy European ones and now I just buy a cheap $25 or so Hamilton Beach or Mr Coffee from Target. It bothers me if the warming plate starts to look corroded and peely, so I just buy a new 12 cup with a timer about once a year.  Also you can't get those water tanks super clean ever, so a new one it is. 


I'd suggest just read reviews, I don't think they're all that different.

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We bought a Braun last year and make a pot of coffe on the weekends when we can luxuriate over our coffee.  We buy fresh beans and make it a special time.  Otherwise we use our Keurig and pods.  @SilleeMee I like your idea of the carafe and will bring this up for discussion.  Just love waking up to the smell of brewing coffee.

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I agree, make a pot and then decant it.  No reason for it to sit on a burner.


I really love my Kalorik drip maker.  If I'm only having a cup or two it does a nice job, and it brews the amount DH drinks quickly so I can send him upstairs with the carafe.

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@Catty2 ,


I,too,love my Braun drip coffeemaker. It is +25 years old and brews the best coffee. I descale it regularly and have a couple of new ones as backups. You're right, I don't think they are manufactured anymore.