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The Peach Truck hit Ohio this week and I want to make some peach jam in my Zoy. Breadmaker I'm wondering what spices add the most flavor. Cinnamon is great but I'm thinking there is probably something else that might add a lot.

I'm sure there are lots of good ideas out there. 

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I viewed some recipes with nutmeg, vanilla, jalapeño, cinnamon. There were several recipes for spicy peach jam also. 

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I prefer the simplicity of just peach without the flavor enhancers that may change as my mood changes. I can add a bit of cinnamon or vanilla to a bit, then spread it on my carb of choice. A good, clean, simple recipe is what you need to let the true peach flavor shine. I don't make jam, but if I did, that is what I would look for. The fewer the ingredients the better.