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I love dishes and have a large set of Desert Rose pottery and an extensive collection of Temptations Old World cranberry that I use every day.  I had a cheap set of Christmas stoneware that I bought second hand, and got out every December, but last year (when we moved) I replaced it with Scarlet and (I believe) Evergreen (the darker green) Fiesta -wear.  I have a service for eight of the Fiestaware, four of each color.  They look so festive on the table and I leave them out on the counter in a three tiered pie rack during the Christmas holidays.


My daughter has requested some Fiestaware placesettings in Turquoise and complimentary colors.  After looking, I think the bright yellow, orange and maybe Lemongrass colors would look good together.  One of my daughter's in law chose Lemongrass and Plum Fiestaware for their wedding gift registration. increasingly, her grandmother (a woman with wonderful taste!) has kitchen cupboards full of multi colored Fiestaware!

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I have my grandmother's set from the '50s.  They haven't been in continuous usage all that time, my mother is one of those saver people who kept them in storage during the years she had them.  I have added new pieces in post '86 and missing pieces of the old from auctions and antique malls.  The most useful pieces I find are the old flat soup bowls, we use them several times a week.