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Re: My Pressure Cooker Met Its Maker

Thank you brandiwine! Have you had any problems with your Nesco or had to order any parts for it?

imaclotheshog, Thank you for the well wishes. I'm glad you got some use from this thread too. I love these forums! So much advice and useful information from everyone. I'm sorry to hear about your pressure cooker about ready to cross over. Hopefully you will be able to find one that someone mentioned here. Great suggestions for sure!

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Re: My Pressure Cooker Met Its Maker

I have made the old 8 qt from the Q many years ago as my work pressure cooker.....such as yesterday, with lasagne, that was a BIG hit for all.........and I went against some here and bought the BIG BOSS 8 qt from Amazon, when it came back into stock, and very reasonable it is a pressure cooker with 3 different PSI settings, brown mode, slow cooker mode, and a couple of other things........and thus far, have been using the heck out of it.......and am does not have the HA insert that weighs a ton like my CE 8 qt, but it does have features that the CE has..........I wanted a Cuizen 8 qt, but it has not made the American market as of yet........You may say that an 8 qt is too big......but I look at it this way......I can make less that 8 qt of food, but in the smaller PC, I can not make more.........PLUS.........I prefer the oval shape over a round or round/taller shape.....Just works better for me............I was a sad person on New Years, as I had 2 WP Versacookers, and 2 pressure cookers going........and had my kitchen redone with new appliances last January, and it was cooking I do feel justified in my "toys", as I do use them all, and justify all of them........Cool

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Re: My Pressure Cooker Met Its Maker

I love my talking Pressure cooker that I am looking into buying one online while they still have them. For some reason all the others are round and I love the oval! It seems none of these digitals have a very long life... and I bought mine when you did and use it at least 3 times a week. Now I can find them online for $70. I think you might enjoy trying another. As far as I can tell, not one of them is any better than ours was. (if you read all the reviews, most were using them wrong and didn't even read the directions - or didn't like that voice which I never notice anymore.){#emotions_dlg.biggrin}