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I have several sets of locknlocks and keep changing colors, would it be possible to just get new covers for them, instead of purchasing a new set everytime you change your kitchen around?????????

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@Izzie729 Good idea but what do you think Lock 'n Lock and QVC would think about selling a few lids instead of new sets?  I doubt they'd view this idea with enthusiasm. 

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It's probably best to stick with clear or white containers.

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Yes, I have often thought of that too!  I want to get clear lids, but with a CLEAR silicone seal instead of the blue they put in it. They can offer the clear because they put it in the lids that have a color bottom.  Hope they read your suggestion and do it!  


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Lock n Lock has sold so many combinations of sizes, I don't know how they could offer just lids.  Mine are usually in the pantry or frig so the only one that sees them is me.

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I have many lock-n-lock items--some I use alot, others not so much ---but after a few years the tabs on the lids are cracking and breaking---now what do  do? had the deli container that I LOVED but miss placed the lid---tiried ebay for parts--nadda--then  just checked Macys on a whim-- and OMG--there it was along with their whole line--for UNDER $4 and free shipping due to the holiday!!!!!! am really liking the glass storage containers even more  and there was the perfect set there as well and on sale with extra % off -----scored big, even got them delivered in about 3 days-----am very happy!!!!Woman Very Happy