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Can anyone let me know if you can keep your fresh greens longer using these products? My lettuce in the fridge only lasts a day in the crisper. I am very tired of tossing it out within two days. 


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Don't know about the lock and lock.  I use Debbie Meyer's green bags and they do seem to keep the produce fresh longer.

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@halloween girl    Hi.  I put my iceberg lettuce in a tall lock and lock with a wet paper towel.  It lasts a couple of weeks.  Yes, it may have a slight rusty piece or two, but 95% stays good.   I know it’s always good at least 10 days.  I just looked, it’s the tall 2.5 quart size.  I cut the head of lettuce in four pieces.  It’s much better than the crisper drawer, almost zero waste.  

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Yes I use Lock & Lock round bowl and it really keeps the lettuce for weeks. Only person at home so I don't use that much. I also have Debbie  Myers storage  bowls and like both .Really love Debbies bread box in fact bought two.

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Mine do and I have actually wondered why the dont promote that feature. Maybe they have not run formal tests on it so they then can't claim it.

Definitely has been noticeable to me. 

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Yes, I keep most of my produce - lettuce, celery, carrots, radishes - in LnL containers and they stay fresh a long time. I wash and dry everything first before storing so I can just take what I need out for salad or whatever.

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@halloween girl -- Im a huge fan and user of LockNLock, but the best product for produce is called "Prepworks by Progressive Prokeeper."  


You get them on Amazon.  They are similar to LockNLock, but they have vents on the side, and trays on the bottom to whisk away or keep water depending on the type of produce.  They are FANTASTIC!!  Pricing is not extreme and well worth the investment.


I have never been able to keep produce fresh until I got the Prepworks containers.  You'll be amazed how long fruit & veggies last.  Highly recommend!!

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Yes, I use Lock 'n Lock for lettuce, carrots and other produce items.  Items last much longer...fresher now.  I usually put a paper towel in with lettuce to help absorb moisture.  Working out well.  However, after reading recommendation here from Beauty Maven about Prepworks, I am going to look into those as well.

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Remember when everyone had one of those round green lettuce keepers?  What happened to them?  They kept lettuce great.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

Remember when everyone had one of those round green lettuce keepers?  What happened to them?  They kept lettuce great.

@Kachina624  Got rid of mine awhile ago as the canister sets and others. Should have kept them.