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Good thread here.

Because of bad experiences long, long ago with Tupperware (that was THE plastic when I was young), I don't put tomato-based leftovers in plastic. I actually save my 24 ounce cottage cheese containers and use those. Those I don't mind tossing once I store and reheat in them.

Never thought to use Pam before filling my plastics - going to try that!

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When I get a ""sauce"" stain in a Lock & Lock I rinse it with hot water and put Dawn in it and fill it with hot water and let it soak for a few hours .... then I just wash by hand or the dishwasher and the stain is gone ... works for me every time.
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I rarely put any of mine in the microwave and do have a couple of bowls that are stained so I use them for tomato-based foods. I do use them in the freezer but you must be careful....I dropped one as I was taking it out of the freezer and it shattered like glass.

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Hello Ladies...

I don't have a tip to clean the tomato stains from plastic containers. But,I do have a tip to avoid them. Spray the inside of the containers with a non stick cooking spray before pouring in the the sauce or soup. Works almost every time!! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

OK Edit! I just saw someone suggest that!! Should have read through the whole post first! {#emotions_dlg.blushing} But, it really does work!!