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Macy's has a nice sale on Lock N Lock with free shipping at $25.  Believe it's today, 7/13,  only.

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I will no longer buy Lock N Lock. I needed a very small top replaced and because I did not have a receipt from over two years ago the rep told me there was no way. Be aware the snaps do not last for a lifetime so there is NO Lifetime Warranty!!!!

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The very first products were good, but now they are junk.  I'll stick with Rubbermaid,  OXO, or pyrex for storage.  At least they are quality products that don't crack, stain or break.

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I am still using my lock n lock  containers from when they first started on QVC. They all work perfectly but one has become stained with the ground coffee DH uses it for. No problem. The most recent ones I bought have had tabs break off after only a few uses, so no more for me. Such a shame since I really did like having the colored lids so I could find things easily in my pantry. That old saying, "they don't make them like they used to" surely is true for lock n lock.