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Lock N Lock pic.jpegIt's been awhile since I purchased some more Lock N Lock, but after receiving my order, I noticed that it is quite different from the ones I currently own. The "new" set has a bunch of tabs around the edges of the container that the lid locks into, whereas my previous set didn't have any tabs - is this "new" for Lock N Lock? Has anyone had trouble with the tabs breaking off over time?  I'm just curious. Thanks!

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I have some super old L&L that has the tabs, so I don't think it is new.


Maybe just depends on the style of what is ordered.

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@tl98466   Your question got me thinking so I went and checked my LocknLock.  I have bought at least one set a year for a long time, all different sets and configurations.  I only found 1 set without the tabs and it was a square set that is nestable that I purchased about 4 years ago. 


I never thought about the tabs not being there and they work just fine.

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I've been buying Lock N Lock for decades and all of my plastic pieces have had tabs. I think the larger pieces have multiple tabs to allow for the added volume. The glass pieces don't have tabs.

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@tl98466 - There are many different styles of Lock & Lock; some have tabs and some do not. I've never had any issues with the tab version or the non-tab version, and I've been buying this brand for many years.

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Thanks to everyone for the comments! I appreciate it!

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The tabs have been around for a few years.  They make for a more secure "lock" and I've never had one break.