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I recently a $1,700 Lazyboy chair from QVC.The delivery was horrible.  I waited from 1-5 and they were a no show. When I called they said the driver was told it would be a 45 minute wait and he didn't have time to wait.  No one called me and I found out when I finaly got through to someone at 7pm at night.  Then they promised to come the following Monday which I said would be good since I was out of town guests since my husband passed away.  I cam back on the Friday before it was to be delivered and found it dumped by my front door.  The box was damaged on all sides and ripped open.  I finaly got someone to bring it into the house for me and put it together and the remote will not stay shut. I tried calling QVC and they referred me back to Lazyboy.  I have been purchaisng from QVC for over 20 years and this is the worst service I have ever received.  

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@HOVE  Why did you post your "complaint" in the Kitchen forum area???   confused.gif


Suggest you copy/past your post in the Customer Care forum area or have the mods move your posting for you by clicking on

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Send an email detailing your order info and the problems you had to and see if they can help you.


If anyone can, it's them and you'll get a much quicker response.

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It amazes me anyone would purchase a $ 1,70.00 Lazyboy chair from QVC, pay for delivery and have it dumped at the front door, have to un box it and then assemble it! 


So much better to purchase direct from Lazyboy, select your material from a very large selection, have it hand delivered, placed directly in your home where you want it and NOT have to assemble it.................all for the same price if not less!

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@Somertime Totally agree with you but I think the easy pay option entices some that may not be able to purchase elsewhere.

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@HOVE    The quality of the service you received depends on what you expected QVC to do, and you don't say.  If Lazy Boy hired the shipper and the chair had a warranty, it's logical to assume you should contact them for repairs/complaints.  It sounds as though delivery to the door was all that was included in the sale, is that the case?  With the information you provided, I don't see where QVC should be faulted for anything.  Sounds like the shipper is the one at whom you should be angry.

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Wow!  Does a Lazy Boy chair really cost THAT much?   Yikes!  We have a LB recliner chair and it didn't cost anywhere near that much, like probably just a few hundred at most.  It's been years and it's still in perfect condition.


To drop it in front of the house  in a box seems kind of wrong.  I've never had a furniture item delivered like that unless it was some sort of 'put-together' piece like an armoir, bookshelf, tv stand, etc.

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@Somertime  You are so right. That is what I did. Skected my chair from several options I could try out in the showroom, selected my material and color from a very wide option, thye deivered and set it up and I love it. I Would not consider ordering a substantial piece like a chair or sofa or bed  of furniture online.