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KitchenAid Pie Pan

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I ordered a  KitchenAid pie pan and received it today.   It is beautiful and a very good price.   K54905.   Just thought I would share.  


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Good price. I can't stand that KA's rep's voice though.

Mute , it's OK.

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Re: KitchenAid Pie Pan

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@GabbyAnn @SharkE 


Thank you so much for sharing! I ordered two for Christmas gifts!


Thoughti would add this: there is a discount code (shown on the website listing) COOKING20 and it was accepted and applied to my order!

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Thank you for posting this @GabbyAnn.  I ordered the gray. 

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I browse blowout clearance pricing, especially on free shipping days.  It's really affordable items without the shipping.  Got a few for me, and a few for charity baskets, that I make in the fall.