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Will this machine slice and dice tomatoes? Will it also crush ice?

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Edit: didn't realize it was the TSV. I have the older 9 cup. I would only attempt to slice firm tomatoes or you will get mush. I have never attempted to crush ice, I use my Vitamix for that. I went to the item page- I didn't notice how many watts this machine is.

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Slicing tomatoes is what sold me, on low speed, thick slice, the tomato came out perfectly sliced! I don't think our store sells anything but firm tomatoes, ha, so it should work.

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Is this a 'made for QVC' model? I noticed that it says 'imported' (which means made in China) on the description. The hand mixers they sell are also made in China.

I'm not a KA fan anyway, but I'd beware of these 'imported' KA items that QVC sells. I thought their shtick was always that their products were made in the USA. Guess not so much, anymore - on QVC anyway.

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It's not a blender (re:ice crusher) - it's a food processor.