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When her voice "grated" on you, was she selling the grating attachment for the mixer? 


Just wondering.

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I agree on this post. I thought I was the only one, but as soon as she comes on I immediately turn the channel or mute until she is off. I do not care how nice she is, how well she cooks, but I would rather hear the K.A. mixer run constantly than to hear her voice. The previous lady for K.A. had the same kind of voice, I just had to cut her off. Really thought I was the only one this annoys, but I see I am not alone. Jmo and obviously others.
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I love Tina, she is great. I liked Laura too.

I'm sure Tina is a lovely person but her voice is just not suitable for broadcasting.  I also cannot listen to her.  I don't know why they don't consider that when hiring a spokesperson.

Tina is the spokesperson.   She is not the only spokesperson/rep. on QVC that could have a better speaking voice for TV.  Many of the vendors and hosts have this issue.   Don't know why QVC doesn't consider the "voice" when hiring hosts.


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Also, many of the reps. and/or hosts that do not have a pleasant voice to begin with seem to make it worse when they shout to get the attention to what they are saying, talk over some other noise or someone else, etc.   Makes watching unpleasant.  

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Re: Kitchen Aid

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@Kachina624   I tried watching her today, but I could not take it.  She was doing a presentation on a small food processer that I would love to purchase.  Respectfully, I came on here to see if it was just my imagination; or if anyone else felt the same way.    Smiley Happy

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Oh my goodness, please, please get a different KA rep!  I was trying to watch her on ITKWD and I gave up.  Oh my, but her voice grates!  I can't imagine a woman of her age talking like that!


You can't be real! We all talk the way our voices are, and I like her, can't believe you woman upset over the way people sound.And they should get someone new because her voice grates.So childish.What does age have to do with how someone sounds.? 

Now come on, this is TV and one should should have a pleasant speaking voice,especially if you are trying to sell something. There isn't anything childish about a viewer wanting to be able to enjoy a presentation.

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I kept thinking she talks so loud because she thinks she has to talk over the racket of a mixer or food processor running!

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I think some of the people here are correct. I think she talks louder (which translate into a more shrill voice if you have never been trained as a singer or had vocal coaching of some form) to overcome the noise made by the various kitchen machines. She should be wearing an earpiece to help her overcome that natural tendencey to increase the volume. Also, since she IS such an excellent presenter, someone in the sound booth should be doing their best to attenuate her vocal tone. They have the ability to help the sound of her voice, so they should do so.


In the meantime, since I would like to keep her at the Q because of her very good presentation skills, maybe the Q should pay for a vocal coach for her. As for those who think this is a silly issue, well, it is a very real problem for those who are sensitive to sound. The KA lady's voice can literally trigger a migraine for me. I do not like that I have this issue with an extreme sound sensitivity, but I do. If it only affected me, I would shut the heck up and just mute the channel while annoying voices are on (and I do). But, the KA lady is not the only presenter on the shopping channels, the news stations or elsewhere, who have fingernails-on-chalkboard sounding voices.


Learning how to present includes how your voice comes across, so while not meaning to hurt anyone's feelings, I do actually think that being able to tell the Q that this is an issue is important.

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I didn't realize how long this thread was going on. When she first appeared, my DH and I thought they picked Tina because she was positive and sounded like Laura W. I thought it was not really great, but DH liked her. She has grown on us both. I like her expertise and her obvious well studied of her product is helpful. I think she's a keeper.