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I placed an order and inadvertently ordered a box of vue cups. Now in the past they would verify that you had a vue machine. I thought these were obsolete now. 

Well I was informed I can't return because of a food item and they are sending me a coupon for a  free box. So what do I do with these throw them out? Such a waste.

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Do you have a my k-cup or similar item that allows you to use your own coffee?  If so empty the coffee into the device and use it that way.

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You could just put the pod in the cup as if it were a tea bag and let the hot water brew (if you don't have a my k cup option.).  

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Thank you for the suggestions. I will try and give away and if not I wil improvise using one of them. I will pay attention next time but I might add Keurig supplied me with a  free box coupon for replacement plus free shipping.