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Keurig Elite Temperature Problems

My machine is just 2 days old and already it does not get to the set 192 degree temp.  It registered at 172 on my reliable instant read thermometer.  Apparently it’s not just my machine.  There many videos on YouTube that show this problem.  My old Keurig 2.0 got very hot.  Never had a problem.  Anyone else?  

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Re: Keurig Elite Temperature Problems

Exactly why I never got a Keurig for home.  My company had one in our old office, and it never got the coffee hot enough!  

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Re: Keurig Elite Temperature Problems

I have an older Keurig that really heats up the water and I love it. I was thinking about upgrading but after reading reviews such as yours I have decided against it until they fix the issues. 

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Re: Keurig Elite Temperature Problems

I have given up on Keurig.  I went back to the old school Mr. Coffee drip coffeemaker - it was on sale for under $8 at Walmart.  I had 2 Keurigs (the mini ones for one person) and they both leaked in less than a year.  Then 2 years ago a friend bought the newest latest greatest model of the Elite and gave me her old one.  


That thing was SO loud that after a year I tossed it too.  The old school one I have now has no bells and whistles, has lasted a year and if it goes bad - I don't feel bad about tossing it!  

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Re: Keurig Elite Temperature Problems

I have a really old Keurig that I purchased at Costco before they had all the bells and whistles.  It has just recently started to misbehave but reading all the bad reviews on the new Keurigs I am hesitant to buy another.  Does anyone have recommendations for another brand that also uses the pods?

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Re: Keurig Elite Temperature Problems

Have a Keurig Elite I bought last year thinking my current one was worn out.  Wrong, it hung in there almost a year more and I finally started using the new one last month. I like my coffee hot and have not been drinking as much coffee as I have the past few years, but this coffee is hot--actually burned roof of my mouth last week. 

I know we see a lot of complaints about the water temperature. But I'm wondering if it is a small number compared to the number sold. I took a chance when I bought mine, but bought it at Costco and knew I could just return it with no problem--any time. All products have their glitches and I understand the frustration because I love coffee and lots of different flavors.