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Do you find yourself hesitating to cook the food you have....just in case!  Still unable to get chicken and eggs at my Publix


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Re: Just in case.....

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Got plenty. Girls at work have chickens. We're bartering for needed items.


I think shortages will get worse in the coming weeks.


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@Zhills   No.  We always lots of canned food, bread, hot dogs, beans, buns, hamburgers, frozen fries, eggs, pancake mix, jars of sauce, pasta, etc.  Even if there are things we want and can't get there are always plenty of choices at grocery stores.

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I'm definitely more careful about waste and using leftovers to the fullest but I haven't saved anything really because it will go bad if I don't use it. 

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No; the supermarkets have plenty of food, but not always the things we want.  I don't mind adjusting.

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No; I am cooking as usual every day for 4-6 people.   This house is full of food and we’re good for months.  It might not be the exact food someone wants on a particular day, but we have food.   


Prices are already going up on the food in the stores now, and we are going to see that get worse in the next few weeks.   IGA egg prices today were almost double what they were when I was in the store on the 19th.   I expect to see shortages continue.   

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@Zhills - I know what you mean.  I find myself using up the food we don't like that much, and saving the things we prefer.   Just in case....

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@Zhills wrote:

Do you find yourself hesitating to cook the food you have....just in case!  Still unable to get chicken and eggs at my Publix



Not at all. i don't have a fully stocked pantry, but what I have can be made into any recipe. Same for my freezer. I am only concerned about not having fresh fruit and veggies, but I have been able to find these over the last three weeks that I have been home bound. 

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No, I have two deep freezers that are packed.  I have a pantry in my kitchen and one in my basement both full and two refrigerators.


All I need to replenish regularly is fresh produce.  So far, it has been easy to find.  The grocery stores have plenty.


I am hoping to to use most of my food while we are grounded.  I want to freeze this summer's fruit and veggies and have no more room.  I need to use up last summer's bounty first.




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No, not at all.....I'm being optimistic that food supplies are improving and that we'll be able to (carefully) shop at our grocers. Except for my disastrous trip to WM 2 1/2 weeks ago, I've had good luck at my locally owned grocery stores and I'll stick with them. I'm a senior, but I'll continue to shop every 1 1/2 weeks for some basic meals. I don't have a huge stash of anything, but I try to keep enough for a couple of weeks. I'm a firm believer that we will get through this and none of us will be prevented from getting groceries to survive!