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Is your Keurig noisy or quiet? What is "normal"?

I have had my Keurig since last Christmas. For the most part, my Keurig makes a noise. Several months ago, it even "froze" in a loud humming noise...just wouldn't stop; I had to turn the unit off and on to make it go away - but it did stop. It still has had a loud hum before brewing (while the water is preparing) and then after it brews....lasts 7-10 seconds. I descaled my unit this morning, and it is still makes a noise although it seems not to be quite as long.

My husband and I went to some friends' home last week; I noticed NO noise coming from their Keurig. They have not had their unit as long...maybe had it about 6 months.

What is normal as far as noise? Does your unit make a noise at all, or is it quiet? I think I need to call Keurig's customer service and see what they say? What has been your experience?