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When is the TSV?  How many quarts, etc.?  Thank you.   

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@Daysdee  The TSV for the Instant Pot is on Sunday.  I assume it will be at least the 6 qt.  Perhaps there will also be a 3 or 8 qt.  But I have no idea.

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@CLEMThanks.  I'll check it out on Sunday--usually watch ITKWD.  I knew it wasn't the TSV for tomorrow since that is a KA hand mixer.  (I think.)  Cooking Day tomorrow.

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I have had my instant pot about 2 months.  It is the best.  I would not go for a coated pot.  You really don't need it.  You can brown and saute before cooking.  Deglaze the pot and add your liquid and veges and go.  When it showed up at my door hubby was shaking his head,  Now HE uses it.


I have made, Beef stroganoff, stuffed peppers, whole chickens, spaghetti with meat sauce, tomato soup, ribs, meatloaf, lemon garlic chicken......  Love it!

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We got our Instant Pot during last year's Black Friday sale (Amazon) and cannot imagine being without it now. The fancy All-Clad slow cooker we've had for years hasn't been touched since.


Recently, I picked up a non-stick 6qt insert from Amazon, a glass lid, a silicone lid, a silicone steamer insert and expanded culinary horizons. We use many nomnompaleo recipes and she has a section on her site just for Instant Pot.


P.S. Making rice in the non-stick inseart is a dream! 1:1 ratio and for white rice it takes 3 minutes plus natural pressure release. I use chicken stock instead of water and add  whatever Penzy's mix may go well with dinner.

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This may be helpful as well.

I've been looking at them lately..

If Q will allow this link.. It compares the various models.

The upcoming tsv is the viva again, with colors. $79


According to this tester, viva is a variation of the popular duo.

The Costco version, Nova, is also a menu variation of the same model.

IP Model Comparison


I'm considering the tsv. I have the kitchen aid multi cooker with stir tower and love it. As well as a larger slow cooker, neither compare to cooking in the cast iron though (my opinion).

Think this would be handy though for fast prepping dry beans and such.