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How important is your dishwasher?

Watching an episode of House Hunters recently and the young woman turned down an otherwise perfect apartment because there was no dishwasher.


Really? I survived the first 25 years of marriage without one and even now I don't run it daily.  I could easily get by without it, and I do a lot of cooking and baking.


On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being "couldn't live without it", how important is your dishwasher.


For me I'd have to say it's a 3.

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Re: How important is your dishwasher?



We don't own a dishwasher, and we have no plans to ever own one. Seems to me such a big waste of water. It also takes too long when we have the dishes done in about 5 minutes or less. 

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Re: How important is your dishwasher?

Of course, we could all live without our dishwashers, but I surely would miss mine.  I'd give mine an 8, but if I couldn't have one, I'd survive just fine.  Growing up we didn't have one (correction, we had TWO--my sister and me.)


Why?  It saves water (important in drought areas like mine)  and dishes are cleaner than hand washing. I just scrape, don't rinse, 99% are clean after washing.  Puts the dishes out of sight while they are waiting to be washed.  


We bought a fairly fancy one with several different options, but I just use "normal" every time.

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Re: How important is your dishwasher?

I'd give it about a 7......I didn't have a dishwasher until much later in life and I have been washing dishes since elementary school.   I have to say though I do like having one and it does make life a bit easier.  I still wash my pans by hand.

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Re: How important is your dishwasher?

At least 9-10.  I run the dishwasher at least every day, maybe twice a day.  


I don't like handwashing silverware or glasses.  



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Re: How important is your dishwasher?

As the oldest child growing up I did a LOT of dishwashing.

When I got married,  my husband and I each had a "must

have" and mine was a dishwasher.  To this day, I use

the dishwasher.  It's also a great way to clean up the

kitchen by loading up the dirty dishes.  It is a 10










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Re: How important is your dishwasher?

It is a big factor in how we enjoy our house.  It keeps the counters and sinks clean in the kitchen, it keeps us from standing at the sink a lot swiping glasses and dishes, it washes things far cleaner than hand washing, it saves water.


It starts the day on a good note because things are easy to put up and dry, and accessible during the day.


The two of us, we load it as things are used, and if it is only a bit full, we wash the sink racks.  We run it every day. I am very thankful to have a dishwasher! 

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Re: How important is your dishwasher?

We didn't have one growing up. But I use mine regularly. It comes in real

handy on holidays when I have a ton of dishes. I would would have to say 

9 or 10. I really would miss it if I didn't have one.

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Re: How important is your dishwasher?

10...Ours died 3 weeks ago and the new one is coming today.  Miss having a dishwasher is an understatement. 

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Re: How important is your dishwasher?

Pretty much indispensible for me! So I'm going to say 10.


Not only did my harp teacher insist that I not wear rings & bracelets, but that I not hand wash dishes, which would ruin my finger pads for playing my instrument.


And I don't know if anyone else ever came across this phenomenon, but my nails also seem to grow faster whenever my hands are in water. So, also not good for a playing musician.


Good excuses, huh?