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I'm a 79 year old male who enjoys puttering around the kitchen. My wife and I are on different diets so we usually cook separate meals. I'd never watch David's shows start to finish as the stock QVC has on the shelf must be moved. David has two main shows a week and that means mostly repeat products to clear inventory sprinkled in with a few new ones.

Personally I don't like the phone calls about the products as any that pass through screening are of the "brown nose" category. But I enjoy David and many of the hosts i.e. blue jean chef, chef Tony, and the lock & lock lady. I just record his shows and fast forward past things I'm not interested in. When there is a good deal I'll buy - lately the BJC light cast iron, the outdoor melamine that gentleman brought in this summer, my Kuerig, pork or vege pot stickers (like the thin pasta), and today ordered a the French pot in cherry and the Dennie tenderizers, and the wine stoppers for my vegetable oils. Occasionally you get a good deal, are exposed to what's going on in the kitchen world and in my case some fun time with David.