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i am planning on serving a ham for Christmas Eve and would like suggestions on your favorite ham brand.  In the past I've had some that were good and others not so much.  I generally buy Smithfield.

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For the last two years I have bought Kentucky Legend ham. It is available as a whole or half, petite or quartered ham.

Very happy with taste and price. Everyone seemed to like it.

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I do not buy Smithfield anymore.   The last 2 years we have puchased a Honeybaked ham and could not be happier.   But if I had to get one at the store  Carando is good. Have bought the Cooks brand before too.  Good luck and hope you and yours have a Happy Holiday!

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Honey Baked Ham for us ....

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Kansas City.   They are pretty spendy but there are so many servings that it's worth it, especially since they aren't pumped full of salt and fake smoke like most of the ones you hear about here and elsewhere. 


It comes with a glaze packet but I make my own.

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We always bought Honey Baked hams.


Everyone has his other favorites.

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Same here @annabellethecat .  There is nothing as delicious as a Honey Baked Ham.  

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Stopped buying Honey Baked Ham years ago. Overpriced, salty and grisly. We get our ham at Costco.

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Costco for us.  Schwan's if it is on sale.

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I've been buying Master Carver hams from Costco.  It comes in assorted size pieces and every bit of it is useable.  Warm it up and enjoy. Really good,