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Anyone interested in an excellent bowl and grater set will love these. I have owned the stainless steel bowls with the graters in pink for over a year. They are amazing and have the non skid bottoms. 
Mine has everything included except the new clear silicone lid.

I gave a set to my granddaughter and she loves them also.

Just a heads up as these make an excellent Christmas gift and sell out fast. 
The pink trim is beautiful and the handles are a plus.

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They are nice!


I have stainless steel bowls and I have graters. So I will pass. But am I tempted. That is one nice set that Wolfgang Puck put together.

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@MKR14  Thanks for posting this.  I saw them but didn't pay much attention and after reading your post I looked at the set again and I ordered it!  I didn't realize how many pieces you got and how versatile they are.   These will be great in the kitchen for the holiday season.

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Thanks for the heads-up about this. It looks like a really good value. Love those clear lids with the burper tab. I keep on thinking of things I could make, or dishes whose prep would be made easier with this set, assuming the grater/slicer inserts work as advertised. At this point all the colors are still available, but all of them except black and red are on extended delivery (est. Sept. 4 for the grey). Think I'm getting it.

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I got them also in red. Good value for the money IMO

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Glad some of you ordered the Wolfgang set of bowls and graters. These bowls are one of the most used things in my kitchen. I forgot the graters came with it so went to check them. They were there still in the wrapper. My tops are all pink that press on and they stay tight also. The large one I have has the opening also for the graters. The spatula works really well also. They also clean up quickly and do not stain as they are very sturdy.

I wasn't aware you could bake in them. I will check that out also.

Thanks for the feedback. It made me smile as I know you will really get use out of these.

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I bought the original set a few years ago. One of the best purchases I ever made. I use these bowls and graters all the time. And food and especially salads stay very fresh.

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Great advice!!!  I had the original bowls for many years & then when he introduced the grater top years ago I ordered!  I think I use these almost everyday...the quality is great🙂🙂🙂

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Thanks, @MKR14 !


Great bowl set.  Like being able to grate, bake and store and those clear lids with great seals makes them ideal.


Again, thanks so much for letting us know about this deal.  I got the black on waitlist.