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Although I'd love to have a piece in that purple color, I have more LC than I need.  Last year I got another 1qt in that 'oyster' color and it's really pretty - well, if you like greys and colors like that!  Smiley Happy  But then half of mine are black and that's my fav color.  Smiley Wink


Those LC silicone trivets are absolutely invaluable!  I have a few of the rounds, the tiny rounds, and one rectangle.


Since I broke my good arm, they have really been handy for more than the usual uses.   If I have to wash something, stir something, or cut something with my stupid right hand, I can put the dish/utensil/whatever atop one of the silicone trivets and do the job.  Now that I can use my left hand a bit, it's easier but for a while I couldn't use the left hand/arm for anything - even as a helper.    My right hand is a total idiot, so I've appreciated these trivets even more to grip things on the counter.  Smiley Happy

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Well, there's the answer ... QVC has decided to stock Staub rather than Le Creuset.  I have a lot of Le Creuset and a few pieces of Staub.  It is truly personal preference because both brands cook well; but, in my opinion, Le Creuset is superior for several reasons.  The exterior enamel is beautiful on both but, even though I am very careful, I feel the Staub does not hold up as well and chips easier than Le Creuset.  I have my mother's 60 year old oval Le creuset and it is still beautiful after 2 generations of constant use, no chips at all.  I also don't like the dark interior that Staub uses in their pots.  That dark interior makes it harder to monitor the food.  My experience tells me that Le Creuset is a better product, and I won't buy any more Staub.


People who who complain about cooking in and/or cleaning cast iron just haven't bothered to learn the proper technique to do either correctly.  When I read some of the complaints, I think to myself that this was probably a person who wanted to "try" cast iron and then got buyer's remorse.


Im sorry that the Q made that business decision.

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Be careful of TJ Maxx.  I have had several Le Cresuet pieces bought from them split, they were larger pieces  I think they are seconds, I will never buy from them again.  A 7 qt with a lamb leg all over my oven.  Nope, not me.