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Question for admin: wouldn't the Green Pans "name" sold on HSN years ago by Todd English and Joy Mangano be copyrighted? Was so surprised when I saw QVC use this name when selling their version. BTW, the Todd pans I purchased were defective and I saw other negative reviews.

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The Greenpan name is it's own brand name. Any person attached to that is considered an endorsement.

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Green Pans are advertised on TV and I see them in stores such as Walmart all the time.

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Afternoon all...lunchtime at the office my sister gave me a set of those Green Pans maybe 5 or 6 years ago because she doesn't cook much and passed them along still new in the box.  They were ok for about a year and then went in the trash.  The anti stick property wore off, not the actual finish, but everything eventually stuck.  I need new pans, but I think after a while they all lose their anti stick.

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@Gerri960- I bought 2 Green Pan grill pans from HSN many moons ago when Todd English & Joy Mangano were selling them.  I bought one for myself and one for my SIL.  They were definitely not non stick as they claimed they were.  Everything stuck so badly I threw them away after a few uses.  I apologized to my SIL and told her to throw them away.  She said hers stuck also.  I never bought another Green Pan because of that disaster.  I am very leery of this brand.

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I just purchased an 8 " one from Marshall's for $10. I liked it so well that I went back and bought a 10" that was $12. The ones I bought were gray and ceramic coated. So far they are wonderful. Do not stick at all, but I use oils and butter( small amount).  The instructions say to cook on medium - medium low ,suggests silicone /wooden tools be used, and allow to cool before cleaning. Good advice for most pans. I just wipe out with paper towels generally. 


I like ceramic coating--seems safer. I have a small cast iron pan non stick for higher temps.