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It does make laugh when people pretend that there's difference betweem 8/31 and 9/1.   As if suddenly it's Fall and we should break out the sweaters, boots and leather jackets.  Some women actually do that.  I'm still enjoying the summer; we had two lovely 80 degree days.  Didn't even need the a.c.  But tomorrow it's right back to the high 90's for next week.  I love it,  I love dressing for summer and carrying my bright summer bags.  I love driving down to the beach  in the evenings for fried clams and onion rings. Soft serve icecream.  We do have a lot of summer left.

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Summer is my least favorite season. I limp along, under the a/c, trying to make it snow, until Fall. I am one of those pumpkin spice/fall clothing people, but I am happy for the people who like summer and hot. Looks like you all will be the happiest this upcoming week, here in NY😂

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Know many like Summer and all that goes with it including extreme heat but I am not one of them. In my neck of the woods, really can't count on jacket weather until November. I do enjoy my Fall and Winter clothes from October through March. ... and what's not to like about roasted butternut squash!
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Beach lovers still have time left but soon you will need a little beach fire at night.  Then it will be our turn, the ones who enjoy the nuts they have been stashing away for cooler weather.  Then we pass the nut time to those who like to build snowmen and throw snowballs.  Love the seasons!

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Hi everyone,

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90 all weekend and next week does not seem at all like Fall is in the air lol.


Hoping it will be here soon though, I have had enough of the high humidity we have had all summer this year!!!

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It is annoying how people love to rush one holiday into the other --- and one season into the other. It's still summer - and the weather is different in each part of the U.S. The year goes fast enough -- let's enjoy every day!!!!!