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On 1/28/2014 Jules5280 said:
On 1/27/2014 chickenbutt said:

Snickster - if you are interested, the ColaVita brand should be in your local stores. Smiley Happy It's a good brand for olive oil, too.

Hi chickenbutt, that is what I use as well. ColaVita is a very good quality affordable brand. Made in Italy. Balsamic Vinegar doesn't have to be super expensive unless you are a total food snob or professional chef. For the typical home cook, a mid-range brand is fine, just don't purchase the $2 cheap stuff or you get what you pay for. I love using Balsamic in savory dishes, but it's wonderful in some desserts too. If you want to kick up your strawberries, add a splash of balsamic to them when they are chopped, it brings out a great flavor and is wonderful over ice cream or angel food cake.

I found ColaVita brand balsamic vinegar, now I am going to try it with the strawberries very soon, sounds delish! Thanks to all who posted with suggestions and advice.

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On 1/27/2014 chickenbutt said:

Lately, I've just been using a moderately priced one - Colavita of Modena. I like it. I'm not a connoisseur of balsamic vinegar, however, so YMMV. Smiley Happy

That is what I have been using too. I liked it. In fact I just finished a bottle and haven't cracked open the new one yet. So I liked it enough to buy another bottle.

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Thanks all. Good recs
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I've had my eye on this bottle for years but I haven't yet committed. Why? It's $150.

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