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I think in December or January QVC ususally sells some small oranges or tangelos that are really juicy.  Sorry, but I don't know the exact name of them.  Can anyone tell me when they will be ready for purchase again?  They come out once a year.


Thank you!

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Re: Fresh Fruit

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Halos? I guess that's the spelling. They are sweet , small and easy to peel. I just got a bag and shared some with my son.  But mine were from Aldi.

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Re: Fresh Fruit

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You're thinking of the Honeybell Oranges.  They're also available in supermarkets.


ETA: In the supermarket, they're known as Minneola Tangelos.  Usually available in January - February.

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QVC usually sells Honeybells which are available even in Florida only in January and maybe early February.    Haven't seen any local news about citrus this year.


nothing to do with Honeybells only, but I fear for the Florida citrus crop as the rush for development pushes forward all over the state.  The land can be more valuable than the fruit.


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I bought a bag of oranges at Wal-Mart Market. They are really good. I generally only find good oranges around the Holiday's.