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Dear David Venable or QVC Customers:


I am sending out an SOS for help in choosing which food processor I should buy that will cut cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, etc. as well as perform other functions.


Please help me out.  I need to decide before my Chrismas dinner.


Thanks everyone...

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Re: Food Processor Delemma

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 Kitchenaid K42600  It will do everything and maybe even wash dishes.


KitchenAid 13-cup Exact Slice Food Processor with Dicing Kit

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i would highly recomend this fp. we had this fp over a year and it slices dices and processes very well. some people say its to hard to put peices to gather. we got use to it quick. i make my pie crust in it all the time. good luck on what ever you choose.

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I have a Breville and love it. 

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This is the prefect time to buy a FP. I have a Cuisinart now. I like the Kitchenaid for the small bowl that fits into the bigger bowl. I have had 3 FP in the last 37 years. The first was the Cuisinart that lasted 20 years, then I got an Emeril LaGassie one that was garbage and threw that stupid thing away. Now it back to the Cuisinart. I spent under $100 on sale for it at Macys. It's an 11 cup. Comes with all the discs to do what you want.

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this is the fp we have that i just recomended. love it.

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Definitely the Breville Sous Chef. Purchased one a year ago after doing TONS of research. I love it.