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Electric Pressure Cooker Problems

I received a Cook's Essential 4qt pressure cooker as a gift. I used it and love it for a very short time and it quit holding pressure. I ordered a generic gasket and that didn't do the trick. When I talked to QVC customer service and tried the number in the booklet, neither were of any help. I have seen multiple people having the same problem. I pulled it out the other day to give it one more try and solved the problem. It is now working perfectly. There is a nut/bolt on the underside of the pressure/steam dial that was loose(under the lid). Tighten that really tight and the pressure will not release from around the edges anymore.

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Re: Electric Pressure Cooker Problems

Hi mushroom soup,

I see this is your first post in kitchen & food talk category, and would like to welcome you on board. For the most part we have many friendly helpful people here, and you should find your QVC internet cyber forum experiences pleasant.

It is so very nice of you to post this information since many people did buy those CE 4 quart pressure cookers, and this information to fix them if this problem develops, is very helpful.

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Re: Electric Pressure Cooker Problems

What a great worthwhile post!! I have two other pressure cookers that I use all of the time, and now have the Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven... love them all

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Re: Electric Pressure Cooker Problems

MushroomSoup: Had the same issue with my Wolfgang Puck Bistro electric PC. The valve on top has to be rotated to close it, and I guess all that torque loosens the nut underneath after a while. No big deal.

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Re: Electric Pressure Cooker Problems

If I was single I'd buy that expensive Wolfgang pressure oven, but, my husband will break my neck (LOL) if I bought home yet another electric. The idea of a combo pressure and oven sounds like a dream.

yes, thanks for your post.

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Re: Electric Pressure Cooker Problems

Clean the gasket and oil it. If it is warped or too dry, it won't seal. This trick usually works well to fix most problems like yours.