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Yes, I have the whole set shown in the first pic.  I still use them often.



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I still have two of the blue cornflower ones in the picture.  The larger one and the smaller one.  They were my mom's and I use them all the time.  Mine are probably 50 years old and still going strong.  I don't know whatever happened to the coffeepot my mom had??

I also have a complete set of dishes I still use daily.


My dad worked for Corning Glassworks so we had Corning "everything" growing up.

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I have the whole Abundance set, this is the pattern:


2 CorningWare A-2-B Abundance Casserole Pyrex AMBER Lid 2,& 3 Liters


Use them all the time, I have the dinner plate set and silverware in the same pattern as well!

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@BunSnoop , I have the exact dishes in the same Cornflower Blue Pattern. I got mine 56 years ago when we married. They still look new. Use the cassorole dish for extra Thansgiving dressing. Is this Corningware pattern still available. Need more dishes like another hole in the head. LOL

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@loriqvc wrote:

I've had this 1-quart dish for many years; it doesn't match anything else in my kitchen but I use it frequently for reheating leftovers and sometimes for vegetable sides:


70's Vintage Corning Ware Spice of Life 1 Qt Casserole image 1

@loriqvc I have the exact same one.   I use it often.  It is over 40 years old. 

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This is the pattern I have:  Wildflower


Corning Ware Wild Flower with glass lids various sizes A-5-B 5qt w/lid

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I didn't know they were worth $$$$$.  Smiley Surprised


Mine are older than dirt.  Unknown their age.  Very easy to clean as I always wipe the interior & top of handles (if I go topless) w/Pam or butter no matter what I use it for.  Nothing sticks.  Still looks newish.


I own a 3 piece set - small, medium & large. 


The small one

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 3.50.44 PM.png

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@BunSnoop ...  I have a couple that belonged to my mother.   But I definitely don't have a set of five.   Hold on to them because they are worth quite a bit of money... especially as a set.  

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I have two sets that have three sizes. One is mine and is about 55 years old. The other belonged to my mother. I cook my Steak Casserole that needed the Kitchen Bouquet in the largest one.


This is the correct pattern, but mine are slightly different in the small and medium size.



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