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Re: Disappointed in Corelle Dinnerware.

Qualityof everything always decreases over time. Sad but true, with almost anything successful. To make more profit, they cheapen the material or process. Total bummer. 😢


I also love Corelle and use it daily!  It’s so lightweight and seldom chips! 

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Re: Disappointed in Corelle Dinnerware.

You can find some of the older good stuff on ebay (pre-owned and new) and (usually new).

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Re: Disappointed in Corelle Dinnerware.

I purchased a set of Corelle dishes for my mother when I was in college. I believe the place setting was called Spring Meadow. She liked the set so much, I bought her an additional set at Christmas. I am in my late fifties and still have the dishes. They look brand new. I inherited them when she passed last year. I also have her Revere Ware pots. She received them as a wedding gift. I use them daily. The pots are over 60 years old. Quality products are hard to find now. I think the companies want you to replace items every few years so nothing is made to last.

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Re: Disappointed in Corelle Dinnerware.

@J Town Girl wrote:

Many years ago I purchased a set of Corelle Dinnerware.   Those dishes have lasted for years and have gone through the dishwasher so many times that I've lost count.    I've always loved the lightness of them and also the durability.  


Since they were purchased more than 3 decades ago I decided that I wanted a change  to a different pattern.   I went to the Corelle website and chose a pattern that had a blue design around the rim of the plates and bowls.     The set arrived and I was very pleased with how it looked.   


I chose a pattern that would coordinate with my present set.   I used both patterns on my table for our meals and started to notice that my new set was beginning to fade.  The blue pattern was slowly disappearing and the plates and bowls were looking terrible.   


The older pattern that I purchased back in the 80's were still like new.   The pattern hasn't faded at all throughout all of those years. The dishwasher hadn't done a thing to the old set.


This new set which was just purchased at the beginning of this year is already looking old.    The plates and bowls are mainly just white now and you can barely see any blue design at all.      


I am so disappointed in them.   Had I known that they would fade so badly I would have just purchased the plain Winter White design.    With these dishes fading at the rate they are now I am soon just going to end up with all white dishes anyway.  


I always equated Corelle Ware with quality.   I guess since they are no longer being made in Corning NY but instead being manufactured overseas they have just decreased in any kind of quality control.    It's so sad to see a company that once made such a good product change their manufacturing process and create such an inferior product.  


I have a small set of Fiestaware plates and bowls that I would use for everyday use if they weren't so darn heavy to handle.     I just use them occasionally when I want to set a prettier table for a holiday or special event.    I've never had a set of expensive china because of our lifestyle is very informal.   I think the patterns are beautiful but just not something that I really desired.  




I know what you mean.  I might look for vintage Corelle at thrift stores and yard sales; it used to be easy to find.  We have the original gold 'Butterfly' pattern as well as some green and blue ones.