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So yesterday I left my coffee pot on and the remaining contents burned the pot.  I put Dawn Powerwash on it, left it overnight, and this morning it rinsed clean without one bit of scrubbing.  I knew I liked the product, but this was great.


Anyone else love this product?

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@lynnie61 Yes!  It's the best stuff ever!   I had a dish spill over and burn in my oven, total mess.  I sprayed it on the oven and rack when it had cooled.  I let it sit for awhile and the mess wiped right off.  I love it and always have a bottle under my kitchen sink.

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When I wash my car, I spray this Dawn Powerwash on my wheel covers to get all the gunk out and let it sit for awhile then hose it off, works like a charm.

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Yes I love it too and exactly for the same reason you mentioned.  No scrubbing if letting the pan sit for a while.


I walked on the wild side lol and recently bought the Gain scented one, haven't tried it yet as I've only used the original scent.

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I love it also.

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Re: Dawn Powerwash

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Shower walls and tub.


Take your hot shower, and when everything is still warm and has water on it,spray with Power Wash, let it sit while you dress, then rinse with hot water. Sometimes I mix with pure vinegar in a sprayer....using both product together on the walls and tub.


It EATS soap scum, which is, after all, mostly fats (lipids). The surface squeaks when you're done!


Also....Dawn dish liquid in it's most powerful formulation ( can't recall it's exact name) is great for cleaining your house siding. I add a little bleach to the mixture and it's the best cleaner ever...on the north side of my home where algae sometimes grows. Just a quick swipe with a brush and it's GONE and the siding looks like new!


I use that stuff for everything! (That needs to be cleaned that is!!!)


Plus is smells so nice!

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Yes, I love this product also.  Great for so many uses!

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Whenever we go to Costco we pick up several 3-packs of Dawn! We will never be without it!

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I also love it.

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Yes, I love Dawn Powerwash. I use it for so many things, laundry stains, cleaning, on and on. I like the unscented clear version to clean my parrot's cups. I always have some on hand.