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David's Cookies......rather MINI SCONES

Just received my shipment of the triple berry and cinnamon scones. I cooked some of them right up as soon as they arrived. They were still frozen even with the dry ice! I was surprised.  They were really good. Bite sized for a snack with coffee or tea. I will call this one a WINNER. Happy dance.  Smiley Happy













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Re: David's Cookies......rather MINI SCONES

I regularly order the full size ones in cinnamon.  They are absolutely outstanding.

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Re: David's Cookies......rather MINI SCONES

It's nice to know that the cinnamon version is good; the berry combo pack they've been selling lately was a huge disappointment. The scones are constantly promoted as being "crammed full of berries," but the ones labeled as raspberry with white chocolate only have artificially flavored "raspberry flakes" and no fruit at all. That was especially odd because the blueberry lemon ones do have real blueberries in them. Not sure we'll try again, but a simple cinnamon recipe might be worth checking.