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Good job, David!  Another nice presentation on Today Show this morning.  He made Pot Sticker Soup and Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuits from his cookbook.  And, yes, he did a happy dance at end along with a couple of Sesame Street characters who joined him. presentation!  👏👏👏 

Anyone else see the program?  

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Sorry I missed it. I like David.

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Yes, i watched his segment on the today show.  He was congenial as always, very upbeat. But the cookbook he is promoting is not for me.  Not my style of cooking.

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I saw him this morning. He did a great job and his recipes looked


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He was great on the show but I kept waiting for him to say, "we have 12 pot stickers on the plate, only 12 pot stickers with 2000 already we only have 8 pot stickers on the plate!"

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I just saw it (search DV on Today and the clip is up).  He did a nice job.

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Was it the only order of the year !!!   Just kidding .. I really like David .....

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