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Re: DD made a really good breakfast.

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First, you have to know she hates to cook.  She will happily clean the kitchen but cooking, nope.


It was basically pancake recipe but it was done in a sheet pan with raspberries and blueberries on top, sprinkled with sugar and baked.  It was really good.  She found the recipe somewhere on line.  You can also use Bisquick or pancake mix for a short cut.


She said it was so easy even she could do it. It's funny,  this woman is smart but she gets in a kitchen and I don't know what happens. Mac and cheese and eggs are her limit and she has no interest in learning anything more complicated. 


Oh well everyone is different.  I loved cooking, she makes beautiful quilts and I hate sewing.

What does intelligence have to do with cooking?  People all over the world, smart and stupid, can cook. Not everyone, however, has the slightest interest in cooking. Raising my hand, here. 



Sorry I don't agree, Maybe anyone can cook but does not mean it will taste good. LOL!!! Trust me I know all to well from eating at other people's houses which I no longer do. My MIL is a prime example. If she makes something from a recipe & is out of some of the ingredients she replaces them with what she has but not with the right things so the recipe will still turn out & taste good???