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Mine is a 2.5 quart. Just my husband and me, so it fills us up and then we usually have an extra serving or two leftover.
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Which brand do you prefer? I think I have read on here that some cook faster than others. Any recommendations would be most appreciated.

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I'm single, but I have all different sizes (4). I use my 6 Qt the most because most recipes call for this size.

I have a FoodSaver so I like to freeze left overs. I'm not a huge crock pot person, I prefer LC dutch ovens, but I have a few recipes that I like to make in them.

Did anyone see Curtis Stone slow cooker? I need to see reviews on that to see if it really does all he says it does. You can brown you meat in it, which is the main reason I don't make a lot of crock pot recipes. If I'm going to brown the meat and cook the veggies I might as well just cook it in the dutch oven.

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