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Anyone who likes the Copper Chef Copper Crisper but only needs one not two, I saw it yesterday at CVS. It was in their "as seen on TV" section for $19.99.


I bought mine here and gave one to my GS for his college apartment.

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They don't give us much FREE - can't figure out why this product was offer in duplicate.  I only need one - the spare is sitting in the basement.  I'll find somebody who'll want it - but .....why 2  ??

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I was at Sams today they had the copper chef induction burner with a small casserole CC pan for $49. I just ordered last week the CS induction burner for  $ 69 alone and then I find out it is an up and coming TSV. I tried to cancel but of course that shipped quickly! I will be returning. Now I am on the fence so guess I will get Sams one if still there when I go back. 

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Re: Copper Chef Crisper

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The Copper Chef line is so mass produced you can find it anyplace & anywhere lately!


I see it everywhere including Walgreens & CVS.  Of course, Bed Bath & Beyond has almost anything seen on TV (and shopping channels) and additional savings w/20% coupons & of course no shipping!


This seems to be what happens then the quality goes downhill quickly.  I have not heard from friends anything good about the pans so I haven't tried them. 

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I have the Gotham Steel version of the  crisper. Works just as advertised.  I love it! I got it at a local discount store called the Christmas Tree Shop. They carried just about all the products. It was $19.99. figure if I bought it there, and didn't like  it I could just return it, not go through the hassle of shipping it back. 20170824_230935.jpg

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I got one (not a name brand  but the same thing) for 9.99 at Ollies Bargain Outlet here in Columbus, OH.  It is for my daughter for one of her Christmas gifts.  Also got her the copper brownie pan that has the insert that you put in to cut all the brownies the same size.  It was also 9.99.  Hopefully they work well.