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Can anyone recommend cooking utensils ( spatula, turners etc.) that the food won’t Stick too? I especially have problems when cooking my eggs in the morning. Thanks!!
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I purchased the large set of utenstils from the RR line and use them every day. I also purchased her silicone lasy spoons and ladle set. Work great! OXO makes some nice spatulas and I use them daily. I think they would work well  for your eggs. I think the heavier silicone cleans easier in the dishwasher.

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Re: Cooking Utensils

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From Amazon.  Zyliss silicon spatula. 


Literally replaced everything in my kitchen but a spoon!   I turn, stir, chop, dig, etc with one of these.  I have 3!


So non-stick it is sometimes difficult to turn an egg!  


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I put a lid on eggs . It eliminates the need to turn them. You just have to check for desired temp( longer for well done.)