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Can some one please recommend a meat and vegetable cookbook ? DH and I are trying to eat healthy. And I need some new ides. Thanks.

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@recipeholic  I cannot recommend one, but I would suggest that if you need one, look for one on Mediterranian cooking.  With the summer season, meat, fish, and veggies on the grill are easy to do.  Use a little olive oil and seasonings, and you are good to go.

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Save your $ buying a cook book.  FREE Google - enter your choice of meat - beef - pork and you can spend the rest of the year reading all the recipes offered.  I get in there and an hour zips by so fast. 

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@recipeholic   There are so many cookbooks available even when narrowed down to these two categories.  Two ideas from me, along with doing an internet search for "meat" or "vegetable" recipes or "meat" and "vegetable" cookbooks, would be to go to your local library and browse, and take out the books you think might suit you first.  If you find your personal "bible" then you can purchase it.  Cookbooks are so expensive and you want ones that are "keepers".  


Also, browse the cooking section of a book store like Barnes and Noble has that are in print.


An online vintage cookbook search might yield some good 

titles for you.


You can get e-mails (and maybe they still mail pamphlets) from beef, poultry, or lamb associations.  The Australian one for lamb has some excellent recipes.


I am a real cookbook collector and have at least a couple of hundred or more.


Sometimes it is serendipity--browsing at a summer fair or library sale the perfect book(s) just might find you.  Some of my most used, well loved, were discovered this way.


Here is hoping you have great success in unearthing a treasure or two.  And enjoy the search which is so much a part of the fun!

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I normally look at what my library has online and then go to Amazon and read reviews. And one book leads to another on Amazon. 


I live in an area where I can't get a lot of gourmet ingredients. I purchased some 

Andrew Lessman (HSN) cookbooks at holiday time and ended up donating them. I did see one for Marlene Koch that I liked. Other authors are Holly Clegg, Robin Miller.  My BF is type 2 diabetic so we try to eat mostly veggies and meat/occasionally fish and very occasionally pasta.


I think it's Green Giant that makes a cauliflower mashed potato w/sour creme and chives that's a bit pricey but absolutely delicious. Ironically, it has less salt in it than their plain cauliflower mashed potatoes. 

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Go to your local library, grab a couple of cook books, go home, find recipies you would like to try, print/scan them, make your own "vegatable meat" cookbook then return the books to the library. whistling.gif

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The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001 ...

This cook book has meat + vegetables+ lots more.  We got it on Amazon, love it!

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so many websites and blogs devoted to healthy food ideas 


I personally would not spend any money on a cookbook 


this is one of my favorite food sites

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To be very healthy you don't really need a cookbook.  The simpler the better.  Cook lean meats, poultry and fish without added saturated fat; steam, roast or make salads of veggies.


Eat simple food and fill up on it, a balanced diet of protein, veggies, fiber, some GOOD fats, and you will full and satisfied longe and cravings will go away.  


If you can get used to doing that for most meals, you will be amazed how good you will feel!  

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I love having an actual cookbook in front of me but I'm so over buying every one that looks interesting by the cover.  As others have said google then reviews  then LIBRARY to check out the real thing.  If it meets my picky standards I will buy it. if not I havn't wasted my money.