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Finally got DH to make me some Cinnamon Rolls. It's been years since he made any. With this smaller batch maybe he will make them more often. He used a 9 roll recipe from a bread machine cookbook. He only made 8 rolls. He made cream cheese icing instead of cinnamon roll glaze. 


Cinnamon Rolls Bread Machine Cookbook.jpg 

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Oh my, those rolls look delicious!!

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Y'all should open a restaurant and a bakery.
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@Nightowlz  Yes please!!

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I call 'dibs' on the roll in the center.

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Oh, my!!! Positively drool worthy.
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Re: Cinnamon Rolls

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@Nightowlz golly...magnificent! Ive been craving cinnamon rolls but with raisins like my mother used to buy. Cant find them anywhere. 


Your husband's rolls look delicious and  unbeatable! I'll take the one that sits at 4 o'clock. 

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@chloe66 @spumoni99 @Pong3 @Puggywuggy 


They are really good. I had cream cheese all over my fingers, mouth & nose. I waited so long for a really good cinnamon roll. The recipe from the bread machine was a lot easier to make than the Cinnabon copycat recipe he has made in the past.