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So, I've never caramelized onions before.  I watched a YouTube video and gave it a shot.  They came out pretty good, but I thought they were a bit overdone.  For those who caramelize onions, what are your tips and tricks?  What's the point when you know they're done?


I had to practice this so I can attempt to make French Onion soup in the Vitamix, as seen on this past weekend's Vitamix show.  Does anyone know if the recipes have been posted yet?

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Re: Caramelizing onions?

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I always sprinkle a little sugar on my onions while they are cooking on low. That seems to help them caramelize without burning. They are a deep  golden brown when done.  Cook them on low heat.  It will take a while for them to be done properly.


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I thought this article from Bon Appetit was interesting.  I did not know about the three kinds of carmelized onions.


Their picture shows them. They suggest using the lightest carmelized onions, or "blonde", for French onion soup (the ones all the way to the left). The darkest ones (on the right) are good for topping hamburgers. 


From reading their article, I think I will try cooking at a lower heat for a longer period of time.  I will also try using grapeseed oil.   


Happy cooking!








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I always add a little sugar to mine, too.

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Have to cook them low and slow ...

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My very favorite food group; I roast my onions most always.


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i could eat caramelized onions every single day!

i agree about the tip low and slow when you are sauteing  them. i like the onions slice relatively thin.i prefer using a non-stick pan and allow approximately half an hour to do a good job, watching them closely and stirring frequently. i also add a touch of sugar.

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low and slow, I don't add sugar. How far to let them go depends on the use. In some Indian recipes I let them go very dark. 

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Carmalized onions are great, I made them once I added a little brown sugar which seemed to help the process aglong very well

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Have never made this myself, but I copied this a while ago (don't know the source) and saved it to my recipe files. It looks like an easy time saver for carmelizing onions.  I guess you could add some sugar if you are inclined to do your onions that way.



6 large onions, halved and sliced thin
2 tablespoons olive oil
3 sprigs fresh thyme, or 1 1/2 teaspoons dried, divided


Before you go to bed, toss together the onions, olive oil, and thyme sprigs in a slow cooker. Set it to Low.

In the morning, you’ll have gorgeously caramelized onions.