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Walmart has the Cambridge silverware set of the Rainbow color and the black and copper color for only $27.94. 

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I want to check it out Thurs.  Thanks !

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I've also seen it at other stores for under $30.  During ITKWD Stacy said she bought 7 sets. 

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I didn't hear if it was 18/10 or not either



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18/0 Stainless Steel

       is on the colored set and the 'gold' set isn't stainless. Guess that's where the money difference comes in .


Frankly, I like the 96 cent stuff. We're not entertaining  the Queen or nothing and it holds up in the dishwasher. LOL bundles of 4 either forks, spoons or knives for 96 cents.   Used to make cutlery with silicone/plastic handles liked them the best.