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Here's the whole story.


Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 5.43.43 AM.png

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There was a post about this on November 5th.

Has some info which can add to your discussion.

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Thanks for posting this. Seems like so many of our foods are being recalled.....makes me wonder why this is happening so often.☹️

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Thank you.

I'm sorry - I hadn't seen the previous post.

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So many recalled and contaminated foods.  Can't eat lettuce.  Can't eat turkey.  So much for "let them eat cake".  Can't eat that either.  Argh.

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Whew!  Just bought cakemix couple days ago.  Read a banana bread recipe on here and sounded good - and easy!  Fortunately, I picked up a Pillsbury!


Thanx for the notice.

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Thank you so much! I didn't see this back then in early Nov!

Goodness its hard to keep up wth all these!

I just told my family about it -thanks again!

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Considering the shelf life of a cake mix is more than a few months, I am sure most of these mixes were purchased a long time ago and have already been consumed.


Their expiration date is March 2019.  Also, it is just a guess that these cake mixes caused an illness.


It almost makes us afraid to eat anything.  America's food is making us sick.

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Re: Cake Mix Recall 11/2018

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You ask why this is happening?  A Monsanto food lobbyist was put in charge of the FDA in the past... 

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@Citrine1  @house_cat Citrine, You gave me my laugh for the day and I needed one.  


House Cat,  Hard, isn't it, to keep up with every post?  Thank you for the alert.  That is my favorite boxed cake mix brand when I want to "cheat" when baking.  I always "jazz the mix up" by adding an extract, like almond or vanilla since then it tastes more "home baked."  Blessings--keep calm and carry on!