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I see 144 listings

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I have lots of it and have no problems with breakage. I use mine mostly for dry foods like cereal and baking stuff. I prefer glass for wet leftovers. Tabs will break if you try to open them when still frozen or drop when frozen. Did that. Otherwise I like them. 

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I don't think this brand is going anywhere; the best selling pieces seem to be available all the time, and other popular pieces are rotated in from time to time.   


The pieces I bought 10+ years ago are my favorites; the plastic is heavier, the silicone seal is thicker, and the tabs are sturdier, in comparison to what is being sold now.  

I will not buy anything else in this brand.   

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I still have lock & lock pieces I bought in 2002. I've only had one tab break. And that was a container I took out of the freezer and dropped it on the floor. 

Like others have said, I've seen lock & lock at Macy's and Home Goods.

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I have no clue what the OP is referring to.  


L-n-L, in general, has been a bit disappointing.  Sets usually have good pricing, but include sizes that are unusable to me.  I've also had issues with the flaps breaking off the lids or the containers cracking.  Now that it's just DH and I here, we have way too many pieces and need to eliminate some.  

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I've gotten L&L from Amazon, eBay, and the L&L site itself.   Lots of choices out there.


One thing is that sometimes I find that one piece of a set is particularly valuable so I take the item # off the bottom of the vessel and seek out how I can get more of just that one size.  More often than not I will find it on Amazon or eBay (I buy 'new' only).


It's a great product but I wish they would not promote using it in the microwave.  


At this point, since I have hundreds of them, I am making every effort to not buy more.  I wish I could find a replacement lid for one large bowl, though.  

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Re: Bye bye lock &lock

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Didn't mean to come off rude in my response about "58" pieces(original post)...I thought it meant number of listings too, but that's not the total I saw at the time I looked it it didn't make sense to me....


No matter. It WAS a rude response on my part, and I apologize.


I need to proofread my own posts!!!!