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It's a subscription grass fed, etc...  free ground beef for life 2# per box


$129 & up per order. Can pause, choose frequency, whats in the box.......


We signed up.


anyone else?

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I haven't gotten a subscription by my son did give us a very nice generous gift for the holidays last year and I hope he does it again!


The meats were very good!

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@Mary Bailey   That sounds interesting.  Keep us posted when you receive it & how you like it.

I've seen alot of subscription meals available this year - some seem so easy, make my mouth water but price wise I'm just never quite sure. 

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Too expensive per lb. I prefer just to choose exactly what cuts I want. We buy most of our meat from Costco or Sam's.

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Been a customer for awhile it!

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@Mary Bailey 

Mary, I have been buying from them for several years. At this point I have accumulated several "for life" add-ons, and I buy the box that I can customize. I watch the "per serving" price calculation and for me, it's only a little more than grocery store meat. And it's all organic. And it's very, very high quality. Everything is always good. I buy twice a year and that's about 85% of all the meat we eat. I always feel safe recommending it.

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I was moving stuff around in the freezer.


The box of Wolfgan Puck crab cakes say

"Butcher Box"


These are seriously the best crab cakes that I've ever eaten.  I kept my auto ship on them.