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Bread Machine Replacements Parts

 I bought a Cooks Essentials double breadmaker machine some years ago.  So far, it's lasted a very long time and worked so very well.


Recently, I forgot to put the pan in one side that I wasn't going to use and the heat melted the window in the lid.  It is stil usable, but you can't see thorugh the window anymore.


I searched the internet for a month trying to find replacement parts for this, but only found some bucket pans and paddles, nothing else.


I emailed QVC about what company they use to make these machines so I could contact them and see if they have parts anywhere, but QVC wants dates, ID codes, and other stuff, which I don't have since it's been so long since I bought this machine.


Does anyone know the company that produced the Cooks Essentials double breadmaker (white plastic) some years back?



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Re: Bread Machine Replacements Parts

@KP2  You're brave to even think about getting this information as it was probably some obscure company in China.  Good luck.

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Re: Bread Machine Replacements Parts

Ebay has lots of parts for bread machines, old and newer, you might want to check there, although I'm not sure they would have Cooks Essential, seems like mostly name brands.