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They were a TSV a couple of months ago.  $59.00 for I think 16, supposedly made from short ribs and the hosts acted like it was the best burger ever.  Well I love a good burger and they looked yummy.  Boy was I wrong.  Only made 2 and promptly cancelled auto delivery.  Made another last night and threw half away.  Mine are tasteless and tough.  I can't do a review because they are not available.  Anyone else have issues with theirs?

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Yes, I bought them also.  Mine were bland too.  I didn't throw them away, I just seasoned them more the next time.  I didn't like their seasoning so I used Kansas City Steak seasoning.  I will not order them again. 

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Are those the ones that are made from Black Angus...if so...when he said that...i knew i would not like them...Black Angus has a bad taste....and is tough

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I don't remember if he said Black Angus but they weren't tough.  They were very juicy, just bland tasting


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Sorry you had a bad experience.  It took me a couple of times to learn the hard way not to buy those kinds of food items.  Last winter, I got Emeril's meat loaves with mashed potatoes but never tasted them.  They were in cooking bags that go into boiling water, but every one of the bags' seals failed & water got into the bags.  Got a refund on that.  Earlier last year, I ordered some Mama X (can't remember name) meatballs in sauce.  They had a weird after-taste.  Unfortunately, I did not ask for a refund because I was too timid about it.  Obviously, after the Emeril debacle, I got over my timidity.

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I bought them also.  To me they were tough, tasteless, dry.  Would not buy again.

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              I cooked mine for Father's Day in the Traeger.I guess that's why they were yummy.

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Burgers are not worth the super high price. I have tried two QVC types of burgers and was disappointed. I have stopped buying most food items after trying everything from dry over-priced cake to so- so undersized but overpriced side dishes and iced cookies, which turned out to be soft and cakey. Yuk. The one thing we have kept are the St. Louis style ribs from Memphis. We can make good ribs at home, but never THAT good! Just my opinion.

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I bought the TSV also and am sorry I did.    Bland tasting and greasy; so much fat in the grill pan.  I used  a lot of pepper to spice them up, but will be canceling  the auto delivery.

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Odd man out, I guess.


We LOVE them.  Have been on AD since they debuted.  Will never buy another burger.  KC and Omaha can't compare IMHO and neither can the premade ones from the grocery store.


We always smoke them in our Masterbuilt.  26 mins. to a perfect med rare.  We never over cook them.


We can tell the meat is not just ground beef.  They are not black angus...they are the meat from the short ribs.


They are so juicy and flavorful. We do use a variety of 'smoking blends' of spices on ours.   I always eat them like a bun.


Sorry others aren't enjoying theirs!